01: Starting Out – 6 wks Keto

Going Keto


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I had heard much about the Atkins/Keto diet as one way to lose significant weight quickly. I also heard that it was also futile, as the weight lost was just as quickly regained when resuming a normal diet.

But I wasn’t planning to “resume”. So I did my research, learned the science and method behind keto dieting, that it was not healthy to pursue for more than six weeks, garnered some keto recipes, and went shopping. Bacon to the front!

During the six week Keto diet, I also undertook a regular aerobics/calisthenics regime, including situps, pushups, stationary bicycling, and light weight training.

Day 0: 168lbs
Aug 29, 2015 Day0 @168lbs

6 weeks later: 148lbs

Here’s the original diary of those six weeks:


2015 Getting Fit
(all pics taken Sat/Sun at beginning of week)

WEEK 1 – Thu, Aug 27
Day 0: Began low-carb, no-sugar diet – Weight 168lbs
Day 2: *** binged on carbs (tail gate at Counting Crows concert) ***
Day 3: Began light workout routine
Day 5: *** felt awful; body CRAVING carbs & lots of water ***
Week 02

WEEK 2 – Fri, Sep 4
– Day 1: Weight 159lbs *** breakthrough – felt great: clear-minded & lots of energy *** Used positive energy to do a major body weight workout followed by 20 min aerobic bike riding
– Day 2: mid-day body suddenly demanded sleep/couldn’t stay awake if I wanted to: maybe body wanted repair time from exercise?
– Day 3: *** haven’t been measuring, but pants looser – guessing lost an inch ***
– Day 4: (Labor Day): ½ bottle of white wine previous evening, and carbed at beer festival, ~20 oz
– Day 5: Dinner w friends – one beer
– Day 7: Dinner w friends – one beer

Week 03
– Day 1-3: LBI beach vacation weekend – 2 beers each day, otherwise ate cleanly – felt dumpy entering the following week – psychological?
– Day 4-7: Kept to strict low-carb, no sugar with regular light workouts. Took all week but finally feeling fat-loss progress is showing again

Week 04

– Day 1: Weight 147lbs – Cannot wear green shorts any longer without a belt– WuHu! Starting to see oh so slight an outline of delts and maybe even abs when I suck the belly in 😀

Week 05

– Day 2: Weight 149lbs– Big blow-out weekend at a major family gathering (lots of pizza, Guinness & desserts) — Belly feels blubberier than usual for the past week – bummer :/

Week 06

– Day 6: Weight hovering near 149lbs all week (morning pre-breakfast). Sticking to low-carb/no-sugar pretty tightly. Had ice cream birthday cake Wed night, and slight carb uptake on Sat., but not feeling like I went overboard at all. Sense that my man-boobs are pretty much gone, but still want to cut body fat. Exercising lightly, feeling what little muscle I have is waking up some, and are about as toned as can get at this point. Getting impatient though, and wondering about putting on some muscle. Had a physical on Thu, waiting for bloodwork results. Want to start AthleanX program if I get the green light.

Week 07

Beginning week 7 felt I am in a really good place. Low-carb/no-sugar diet is over, and I’m starting the AthleanX program (AX1) on Monday (tomorrow). I hit an all time weight-low of 145 this week, and that was so encouraging– never thought I could hit the weight again that I was when graduating college some 38 years ago! From what I see the man boobs are pretty much GONE. Also, on Thursday saw the first real outer-edge line of my abs WITHOUT having to such in my gut. AthleanX? I’m ready! This picture shows my skinny-assed legs, something I hope will change after the 90-day AX1 program. On Saturday I got a complement when I arrived at a relative’s house ‘your shoulders look broader’. Humble me played it down but inside I was ecstatic. (Mom and I locked horns when I rejected morning orange juice, “I don’t want you starting to look gaunt…”) Here’s a Sunday morning pic I took and I intend to cut a pre-AX1 video Sunday night so I can do some before and after maybe.

Chapter 02: 90 days AX1


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