04: 6 weeks Athlean X ‘Ultimate Abs’

Photo progression weeks 1 to 6, taken on a Sunday after two days rest/no work out


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Wanting to continue my interest in core work, for the next 6 weeks (ahem… 7, I guess), I took on Athlean Xs ‘Ultimate Abs’ program.

NOTE: One emailer could not find Ultimate Abs offered on Athlean’s website. I think it might only be available as an add-on when purchasing another Athlean program. I received it as a freebie upon ordering Ultimate Arms.

I started Ultimate Abs (UAbs) on Mon, Apr 18, 2016. Unfortunately, the first workout left my abs so tight and burned, I was unable to do any further ab work for a week! But that right there told me this was going to be a different program than the “6-Pack Promise” program that comes bundled with AX1. I had done 6PP for a good 100 days prior to UAbs, and while it may have left me stiff from time to time, it never left me sore to the point I couldn’t do further ab work the following day.

Happily I was able to re-start UAbs the following Monday, Apr 25, and continue to finish six weeks later.

GREAT program! I won’t go into the day-to-day grind– there’s a decent recap of how it works on my Youtube vid (link below). But I can assert that following each workout, your abs KNOW they were hit. For those six weeks, I walked around with a constantly tight, usually sore, and sometimes throbbing set of abs.

As expected, most of the exercises were challenging, a few simple, and a few very difficult. There was always a circuit of ‘to failure’ exercises, which could take awhile to complete. I found most workouts were at least 45 minutes long, and sometimes went over an hour (at which I decided to cut them off).

And here’s the final result:


Not too bad, huh?, for a 56-year old skinny-a’d geezer (who had an awful beer gut only 8 months prior…) — They’re not 24×7 or ‘abs-in-any-light’, but maybe some day…

Here’s the video recap if you’re interested

Up next: Athelan Xs 6-week “Ultimate Arms” program
— will supposedly add 1-inch. I’m skeptical…
05: 6 wks Athlean X ‘Ultimate Arms’