05: 6 wks Athlean X ‘Ultimate Arms’

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I purchased Ultimate Arms in order to get Ultimate Abs (freebie). Wanting to work more on core, I did Abs first– So now onto Arms. I really think my upper torso needs more attention than my arms, but hey– UArms I bought, UArms I’ll do.

The program promises 1-inch (that’s about 2.5cm for you imperially-challenged folk) on your arms by the end of 6 weeks. I’m skeptical– not only because of my supposed age handicap, but I believe I fall a bit in the “hard gainer” category. I often find I work out with  significantly more weight than guys much younger than myself, and hardly have half as much muscle gain to show for it :/ Athlean X’s Jeff Cavaliere claims he was also a hard-gainer, but it didn’t stop him. So here goes, no excuses. I *will* work this program very hard.

So here’s a before photo (snap’d Day 1 Ultimate Arms)


Clocking in at almost 14in… would love to see 15in arms 😉

Week 1 (2016 June 6)
– Day 1: Biceps/Triceps concentration — left me good and sore
– Day 2: Lots of jump rope — getting better at it
– Day 3: Leg day — left me sore all week
– Day 4: Biceps work
– Day 5: Triceps work

Week 2 (2016 June 13)
– Each day similar concentration as previous week, but some change-ups in the exercises. Definitely feeling the residual ‘pump’, or buzz, in my upper arms, lasting right through the 2 rest-day weekend.

Week 3 (2016 June 20)
– Similar to previous week with some change-ups, but Tue intense forearm work
– Workouts getting more grueling. Friday I was exhausted before Friday’s workout, and on Saturday, people were asking me if I was tired (and I was– Ultimate Arms is beating me up! — love it)

Week 4 (2016 June 27)
– Day 1: Biceps/Triceps workout doubly-grueling; left me with a pump like I’ve never had before
Mon Pump02.jpg

-Day2: Forearms circuit was deadly. I could hardly remove my workout gloves or use a knife and fork at dinner. Finger-tip floor exercises? Are your fingernails supposed to bleed??? LOL
– Day 3: I never thought I’d be so happy to have a leg day! (gives these poor arms a rest…)
– Day 4&5: Hit biceps and triceps again… not quite the Monday pump, but intense

Week 5 (4 July 2016)
– Day1: Biceps/Triceps combined workout. Not quite the pump as last week, but that could be due to overindulging on a holiday weekend 😉 Here’s today’s pump:
– Day2: Conditioning workout — More lugging around heavy weights – supposed to use body weight (I’m 140)– too light for me so added 20 lbs per dumbbell; also supposed to be penalized if have to put them down– not a problem. BUT like last week, we also did have to do more finger-tip exercises in a 3-exercise, 6 x circuit. Honestly, half way through circuit 5 on my finger tips, when nails started to pull and get bloody again, I cried foul (not the word I used) and told Jeff to talk a flying leap.
– Day3: Once again this week, thank God for leg day (never thought I’d be saying that)
– Day4: Biceps day — Once again, great pump. But with only one week to go really starting to doubt there’ll be any where near an inch added to my arms. Maybe they meant an inch when pumped? Hope not– pump lasts all of, what, 20 minutes? LOL

– Day5: Triceps day — I never feel like I get as good a hit on my triceps as well as I do my biceps. But here’s a pic of today’s triceps pump (btw, I *never* had triceps that showed prior to starting AX1 some 9 months ago…)

Week 6 (11 July 2016)
– Day1: Upper Body Tuneup — Program today called for what I’d consider a fairly light upper body workout (upper back, delts, pecs). To true Athlean program form, week 6 will end with an arm “challenge”. So no arms work this week in order to be ready for that :/ But wait, wasn’t I supposed to put on size? If this is it, then I should have any size gains I’m going to get already. Got out the tape, and– WHA??? Crash-bang-boom — NO SIZE GAIN over the last 5 weeks! Some definition, sure. Some strength gains, sure. BUT Ultimate Arms specifically advertised that it would give significant size gains! Needless to say, the rest of the day did not go well…
– Day2: Legs — Fairly light leg workout
– Day3: Conditioning workout called ‘Fatal Four’ — nothing ‘fatal’ about it; not very challenging. So I suspect this week, all of the workouts are ‘light’ because of Friday’s final challenge, “Arm-aggedon” — must be a brute.
– Day4: Rest day
– Day5: “Arm-aggedon” – Last day of Ultimate Arms involved a traditional Athlean X ‘challenge’. This one was arm-centric: first half biceps, 6 sets repeating 3-exercise circuit; second half triceps, 6 sets repeating 3-exercise circuit. The idea was with each circuit to increase weight and/or reps. Since it involved a ‘run on the rack’, I had to make a reservation. So yeah, some gym buds were waiting for me. Shined right through and got all the ‘points’. The last circuit on each was tough because it involved the highest weights/reps. Although they weren’t *supposed* to be watching, I had a small cheer-leading crew apparently, hooting me on to squeeze out the finishes. Nice feeling. Here’s two post-Arm-aggedon pump pics:

Athlean X Ultimate Arms 6 week program review vid

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