07: One Year! + Fitness Resource Recommendations

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October 12 2016– One Year!
My very first AX1 workout was on Monday October 12 2015. Awesome ride and SO glad I started my senior years on this fitness trek.

Youtube video review here:
One Year + Triceps Torture + Fitness Life outside of Athlean X 😉

Following my annual 6 week ketogenic crash diet, I basically went through 5 different fitness programs over the year:

  • 6 week ketogenic diet – 30 Aug 2015 thru 10 Oct 2015
    Aug 29, 2015 Day0 @168lbs
  • 90 days Athlean X “AX1” – 12 Oct 2015 thru 8 Jan 2016
  • 3 months “Rogue I” – 11 Jan 2016 thru 30 Apr 2016
  • 6 weeks Athlean X “Ultimate Abs” – 25 Apr 2016 thru 3 Jun 2016
  • 6 weeks Athlean X “Ultimate Arms” – 6 Jun 2016 thru 15 Jul 2016
  • Deload/Study/7 weeks ‘Triceps Torture’ – 18 Jul 2016 thru 14 Oct 2016

Wonder what I’ll look like 1 year from now 😉
–> This is gonna be good!

Fitness Resource Recommendations

Free weight introductory program for gym newbies:   Stronglifts.com 5×5

Book Recommendations
1) “Bigger Leaner Stronger” – Michael Matthews (website — caution: subscribing to this website will inundate you with promotional material for related supplementation line)
2) “Huge in a Hurry”  – Chad Waterbury (author website) (book website)
RELATED: ‘The Ultimate Triceps Program” aka ‘Triceps Torture’
*** recommendation: read Huge in a Hurry first to understand HFT

Website Recommendations
1) T-Nation.com / “The Weekly Dose” (my favorite fitness newsletter)
2) StrengthTheory.com – great fitness-related articles
3) SquatUniversity.com – you NEED to be squatting — period

“Do you want to get lean muscle? You need to squat;
Do you want to get huge, bulky muscle? You need to squat;
Do you want to lose weight? You need to squat;
Do you want to gain weight? You need to squat;
Do you want to … (you get the point)” — C. Polanco, Trainer

4) Bodybuilding.com – good articles, primary and auxiliary workouts (caution: subscribing will generate a lot of promotional email)
5) Stength Level – keep track of your workout progress (I’m EnderEd)

Youtube Channel Recommendations
*** These are Youtube channels to which I personally subscribe
1A) AthleanX
1B) ScottHermanFitness
WATCH THIS! –> “11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Training”
1C) Jeff Nippard – subscribed 2/2018 – new favorite with his “Science Applied” series
2) VAHVA Fitness – athlete specializing in movement; excellent, straightforward perspectives on fitness, and good workout vids
3) ThenX — Combines calisthenics and weight-training — for if you want to be a workout ninja. I doubt I could ever keep up with this guy, but he’s helping me get where I want to go.
4) FitnessFAQs – favorite body-weight workout channel

Have recommendations of your own?
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