6 Month’s In

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– 01 May 2016 –
I’m starting this wordpress site some 6 month’s into my fitness journey.

Following a wonderful summer vacation in 2015 heartily indulging my foodie/beer-loving tendencies, I weighed my most at nearly 170lbs. On my slight 5’8″ frame, I decided it was time to do something about my over-hanging belly and sagging chest. I was convicted that my sedentary lifestyle was not going to serve me well as I entered my senior citizen years. It was time to seek a semblance of ‘fitness’.

Aug 29, 2015 Day0 @168lbs

I decided at first to go ‘keto’  and do calisthenics every day. With very few ‘cheat’ days here and there, over a six week period I was able to lose 20 lbs.

But having trimmed down, and enjoying the sporadic exercise routine I had started, I began wondering turning it up a notch. Could I handle one of those fitness programs I’ve seen advertised? Maybe put a little muscle on these skin and bones? Or am I too old?

By mid October 2015, I had decided– I was going to give the fitness idea a “go”.

After doing significant research on fitness programs available, I embarked on Athlean X’s 90-day AX1 introductory program. I wanted a programmed routine that would:
1) enable me to progress at a pace with which I felt comfortable
2) enable me to push beyond my comfort zone if I desired
3) was not too expensive
4) I could do mostly in my own home.

I choose Athlean X not only because it met those  four criteria. I also corresponded with several fitness plan providers, and Athlean X’s response was the most comprehensive, sincere, and encouraging. Also, the YouTube video’s published by Athlean X’s Jeff Cavaliere impressed me greatly — putting the science back into fitness. So I became a member of Team Athlean.

After finishing AX1, with all of the setbacks and triumphs it brought, I was leaner, stronger, much more fit, and– thinner yet! Although there is a good dollop of strength training involved, between the eating plan and conditioning workouts, I was down to 140 lbs. I needed to put some size back on, and muscle size at that, no more fat.

After Athlean X AX1 program, the next logical step would be to take on the even more rigorous AX2 program. But having discussed AX2 with those already in it, I learned it would probably leave me, once again, leaner, strong, and much more fit– but not any bigger.

So I decided to go rogue for the next 90 days, and put together my own home-based strength training program. Happily I was able to see increases both in muscle size and body weight.

Through all of this I published several Youtube videos. There were several requests for before and after photos, and that’s what prompted my making this wordpress site. Currently I’m continuing my home-grown strength training program, with an emphasis on pectoral work. In conjunction, I am doing Athlean X’s 45-day “Ultimate Abs” program. I will follow that up with Athlean X’s 45-day “Ultimate Arms” program (guaranteeing at least 1-inch growth on the upper arms…) That’s plenty enough to take me through the next 90 days.

In the meantime, I hope to be able to keep this site updated with my progress, setbacks, and triumphs. I hope you can glean something helpful from my experiences.


*****    Most up-to-date pic on blog homepage:
https://enderedfitness.wordpress.com     *****


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