03: 90 days going ‘Rogue’

Pictures from Week 1 (1/17/16) and Week 15 (4/24/16)

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AthleanX’s AX1 definitely left me in great shape — leaner, stronger, and much more fit. But it also left me smaller — across the board my body measurements went down. And it makes sense. For a generally unfit guy to go on a 3 month workout program of cross- and conditioning- training (which is what AX1 provides), there will be weight loss while long ignored muscle is waking up.

I wanted to try to put some mass back on, and preferably muscle mass. Ax2 would have been the next step to take in Athlean world. But I spoke with and emailed a handful of guys who had experience with AX2, and the general consensus is that it was a more intense version of AX1. They gave me the impression it would probably not give me much in terms of size gains.

I decided to go rogue– not an easy thing to do for someone brand new to the whole workout scene. I kept to the general AX1 workout plan: Mon/Wed/Fri strength training; Tue/Thu conditioning training, and Sat/Sun off. The first 3 weeks were rough, trying to figure out what exercises to do on strength-training days, feeling like I was all over the place, working hard and getting nowhere. I spoke with someone at my gym and asked for advice, and he helped me with a plan which I basically followed for the remaining 12 weeks:

  • Mon: Chest and Triceps
  • Wed: Back and Legs
  • Fri: Shoulders and Biceps

I culled together some great routines from Jeff Cavaliere’s excellent Youtube vids, and help from other websites and gym folk too. I kept to Tue/Thu conditioning workouts, and weekends off. Also, I continued using AthleanX’s meal plan as a guide, did their 6-pack Promise every day, kept up with the supplements and rest schedule. Besides adding size and concentrating on core, my other goal was to hit 20 pullups.

Results? Yup. Mostly in my arms and upper back, some shoulders too. My neck and calves, two places I didn’t work on, grew also. Disappointed in my upper legs (no change) and chest (very little change). My abs definitely tightened up and even started showing. And I got the 20 pullups! (see the Youtube vid for a recap)

Here’s the week-to-week pics:

Rogue Week1-5Rogue Week6-10Rogue Week11-15

Next? I’m going to do AthleanX’s 45-day “Ultimate Abs” program, and concentrate on my chest (two workouts a week) while continuing with the workout routine I’m already doing. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if I’m shooting for too much being 56 years of age. I see younger guys at the gym with six pack abs, but they do hardly half the work I do– makes me think there might be something after all to metabolism and testosterone challenges older guys have to face.But heck, I keep telling myself “work the process” and we’ll just have to see…

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