Where it begins…


In September 2015, I decided to see if a 55 year old beer-loving foodie could achieve a decent level of ‘fitness’. I originally thought dropping some weight and getting an aerobic routine would be sufficient. I soon found I needed much more of a challenge than that, and this is my journey.


6 Month’s In

– 01 May 2016 –
I’m starting this wordpress site some 6 month’s into my fitness journey.
It is a companion to the Youtube channel I’m also publishing.

Following a wonderful summer vacation in 2015 heartily indulging my foodie/beer-loving tendencies, I weighed my most at nearly 170lbs. On my slight 5’8″ frame, I decided it was time to do something about my over-hanging belly and sagging chest. I was convicted that my sedentary lifestyle was not going to serve me well as I entered my senior citizen years. It was time to seek a semblance of ‘fitness’.

So in October 2015, I began to turn things around.

After doing significant research on fitness programs available, I embarked on Athlean X’s 90-day AX1 introductory program. I wanted a programmed routine that would:
1) enable me to progress at a pace with which I felt comfortable
2) enable me to push beyond my comfort zone if I desired
3) was not too expensive
4) I could do mostly in my own home.

I choose Athlean X not only because it met those four criteria. I also corresponded with several fitness plan providers, and Athlean X’s response was the most comprehensive, sincere, and encouraging. Also, the YouTube videos published by Athlean X’s Jeff Cavaliere impressed me greatly — putting the science back into fitness. So I became a member of Team Athlean.

01: Starting Out